Thelittlebakestore: Ethics of collaboration January 27, 2021 – Posted in: Business stories

It feels so good to be sharing the 3rd episode of #mybusinessstory 💃💃.

Today we’re not necessarily sharing a business story but we’re sharing something that can help business in this decade. ‘Collaboration’
I have heard a lot of things about collaboration and I know without an iota of doubt that if you want to move far in life you must learn to collaborate.
Today the queen of epic collaboration will be sharing with us alot about collaboration and how to be intentional.

Back story:
Munirah of thelittlebakestore is one of the people who have taught me the sky is wide enough for everyone to fly 😁. I remember when we stocked our first set of rice paper she was the one I called for help when about 90% of customers were complaining that the rice paper was broken 😔 and she gave me tips to ensure they were delivered safely. She has referred businesses to us severally and we’ve done same to her too 😁.

Hello, Can we meet you?
Hello I’m Munirah, the Chief Operating Officer of Thelittlebakestore where we provide affordable and unique baking tools in the shortest time possible to your doorstep.

What does it mean to collaborate?

basically,to partner with someone else for the good of both of you.
no man is an island so it’s important to note collaboration is bound to happen at some stage in your business.

What’s the basic aim of collaboration to you
To make more money
Gain more exposure
Get more people to know of your brand

How can one tell a good collaboration from a bad one
there are some red flags but sometimes you may not know.
Good ones
the person has a good record
the person has your audience
the persons values are in line with your products eg you sell sweet cakes then you collaborate with someone selling Alamo bitters.
it doesn’t go.
if it is online, the persons page has good engagement
the person is not trying to cheat you eg taking 90% and you 10%

What can be done to maintain and sustain great collaborations

you have to watch what has worked for you both and try to continue it
also step out of your comfort zone
what can be done better
eg you collaborate with a surprise company
do you give them good deals to make them always come back?
do you always give them your best that will make customers always ask of you ?

What can be done when a collaboration goes awry
Go back to the drawing board and identify what went wrong
how can you learn from it to be better
don’t cry over spilt milk

When a collaboration brings in money to your business but runs you down as a person what do you think should be done?

which aspect drains you?
who can take over that aspect?
remember no one is an island.

What do you think the basic principles of collaboration are?

it’s a win win for everyone
state all the ground rules before you begin
sign Contracts where possible
what is to be achieved at the end of the. day?

How have you collaborated in the past and how has it affected you and your business?

some good some bad.
had one that was bad
people complained of the person
next time I will do due diligence when doing such

Any downside to collaboration?

Sometimes one person gains more than the other
sometines you may be cheated
but look at the bigger picture
what is the end point for you?

any other thing you think can also help people with collaboration?

think outside the box
how can yours be different
what will make others leave those collaborating to come to you?
be slow in choosing a partner so you can be sure it’s a good deal
ask around
take your time to ask all necessary questions.

I hope with these few points of Munirah you have been convinced and not confused that collaboration is the way to go in 2021.😁😁
And like she said look out for red flags and think outside the box.
The bible says one will chase a thousand but two will chase ten thousand. Prayerfully ask God to open your eyes to see the right place to collaborate.

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We’d be back next week Wednesday with another business story until then.. please stay safe 💗💗