Own your genius January 23, 2021 – Posted in: Jadesola's musings

My sister made her nails recently, they were so beautiful I told her I was going to replicate it. I got to the nail technician and made the same nail. Then the bill came πŸ™„ I wanted to fall off the chair 😩😩🀣 I had never paid so much for nails before 😩😩 but the nails were beautiful ❀️ everyone complemented it😁

My sister had told me severally how this her friend doesn’t know how to do any other thing asides making nails. I made a mental calculation and realized if she did 10nails every day she’d be making millions every month plus she also trains. It really got me thinking. This lady does just one thing and she’s quite successful at it.

As individuals it’s really important to own your genius. Your genius doesn’t necessarily have to be something big. It can be as little as cleaning shoes but be so good at it that when someone talks about cleaning shoes your name comes to mind.

Most times your genius will be something that comes to you naturally. Something you do mindlessly. Something that wows others but you just think it’s nothing. It might be something as little as being organized. I’ve entered into some of my friends space and I’ve been wowed by their level of organization. It can be your style of writing. Really it can be anything, but whatever it is own it, be so good at it that you’re the best at it. Maybe just maybe that’s where fulfillment lies or your millions 😁 whatever your Genius is own it!!