Adapt January 16, 2021 – Posted in: Jadesola's musings

Mrs Oluwagbemiga was one of my favorite teachers in secondary school. She joined us when we were in JSS2 I think. When she joined us she told us the characteristics of a living thing was no longer MR NIGER D but it was now MR NIGER ACD. With A being Adaptability and C being competition. Isn’t this the Truth? Cindy Trim said the world we were born in no longer exists. The world were if you need to send a message across to the person in the next State you’d have to look for someone to send, now it’s as easy as dialing numbers on your phone. If you’re going to go fast in life you have to learn how to adapt to the ever evolving world.
I was to send something to someone last week and I said please send me your email address, her response was I don’t have an email 🙄 it was an omo x 100000 moment for me🙄. You have a smartphone but you don’t have an email? I’ve never been more shocked 🤣🤣.
This is a decade where if you’re going to move fast you need to know how to leverage technology. I know a lot of times we say oh I’m not a tech person. If you’re not a tech person, it’s a skill you can learn, if you can’t learn may be you think it’s not a skill set that you think you can learn, you can pay someone to do it for you but don’t let the reason you’re not moving as fast as you can is because you’re not leveraging the free opportunities that are around you. I have tried to learn how to build a website, when I realized it wasn’t something I could do, I paid a web designer who built me this website. I can’t begin to tell you how this website has changed my finances😁.

I come in peace 😊