The doctor turned Baker… The caramel house story January 20, 2021 – Posted in: Business stories

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If you’re reading this I’m super excited 💃 and I want to let you know it means a lot that you can take out time out of your busy schedule to read this *hugs and even more hugs*
On todays episode of #mybusinessstory we’d be reading about an amazing doctor, who has hung the coat for a while and taken up the apron 😁.
Dr Aramide Keshinro (aka Mama kesh 😁) is one of the amazing women I’ve ever met 🤗. I got curious when I saw her instagram bio that read ‘Doctor turned Baker’ and I asked if she’d like to share how she was able to transition from being a doctor to a baker and how she was able to manage people’s opinions and as the super amazing human she is she answered them all and she answered intelligently too.
Today Dr Aramide Keshinro shares her transition stories and challenges.

Can we meet you
Yes please my name is Dr Aramide Keshinro

* How were you able to come with medicine and baking knowing that both are very demanding
I never intended on being a baker. The dream has always being to be a surgeon.

* Was cake a thing for you before going into medical school, if not when did it become a thing?
Not really I loved the idea of baking but not as a business. Back then after secondary school I always experiment at home but nothing serious or fancy. Just for fun
Baking became a thing for me when I decided to leave the medical line temporarily. It wasn’t an easy decision and it took a lot of second guessing my self and doing a double take. It was hard but eventually it’s worth it. I love everything about what am doing it.

* What does passion mean to you as regards the baking business?
Passion for me is just doing what you love and having the utmost fun with. For me when am decorating it’s not work it joy because I love what am doing. It radiates form my heart. I can decorate 10 cakes a day and I won’t feel tired because I love it. I love being creative and baking is giving the chance to do that

* What does business mean to you as regards the medical practice?
To me business is just finding a way to make ends meet, make a name for yourself, build and empire with time. I still have plans for the medical practice to own my own surgical center and good clinic with top notch and state of The art medical equipment.

* Why didn’t you merge both together, why cross entirely?
It wasn’t an easy decision. Merging both together would mean I am still second guessing my self. One of the reasons I decided to go into baking fully and leave medicine for now is to ensure that I have the utmost time for my family. I know it might sound like a cliche but trust me it’s not. The decision to leave medicine and focus fully on baking was not taken lightly. It took a whole of strength and everything in me. Merging both together would have been difficult I won’t be able to keep up. I love self care a lot and I won’t have been able to do that. It would be so draining that I might end up
Loosing both. So I chose one and the other one is still there not totally gone because it’s my first love (medicine) but slow and steady wins the race.

* How did you overcome people’s opinions?
From time I believe so much in putting my happiness first before every other thing. Happiness is the foundation to a good mental health. As long as am happy every other is secondary. People laughed, said different things. Someone even said how can you give up being a doctor to become ordinary baker and I smiled. Inner joy matters a lot. I made up my own mind to put my happiness first and people’s opinions though harsh at times I always try not to let it get to me. When you start caring so much about people’s opinions towards you, you start loosing yourself trying to fit in into their own book, how many people
do you want to please at once?? At the end of the day put your sanity first and enjoy whatever is it you are doing?

Please visit Dr Keshinro’s business page on instagram @thecaramelhouseng to see her amazing creations and yummy treats 🤗. Her red velvet is to die for 😁😋😋

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